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Ricardo Guimaraes

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Professor Ricardo Guimarães is a 4th degree Black Belt under Master Royler Gracie, has been teaching Brazilian Jiu-jitsu since 2003 in the Temecula area.

5 X World Champion, 2 X World Champion No Gi,  4 X PAN Champion, 6 X European Champion, 7 X National Champion, 2 X Master Asia, 2 X South American Champion and over 76 IBJJF First place finishes

IBJJF's Master 5 #1 Ranked Black Belt of 2017/2018

IBJJF's Master 5 #2 Ranked Black Belt of 2018/2019

IBJJF's Master 5 #3 Ranked Black Belt of 2019/2020

Promoted 30 students to Black Belt



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